Public Relations

Basic PR Services

Scope: These represent the basic services that are necessary for any company’s day to day PR activity.

Media Relations We specialize in helping our clients develop personal relationships and goodwill towards both individual media and institutional outlets and media groups.
Media Monitoring & Analysis Monitoring and analysis of client appearances in the media to evaluate content and quality of those references.
Corporate PR Strategy Creating an extensive communication plan in line with the client’s marketing objectives requires creativity and guile.
Press Releases
(writing & submitting)
We have expe3rt copywriters that can craft and deliver news-generating press releases for our client’s communication needs.
Corporate Q&A Drafting possible questions and answers for coordinated and cohesive communication by the client’s organization.


SMA PR Solutions

Scope: PR Solutions refers to customized PR activities related to specific initiatives and issues.

Punctual This refers to short-term activities (a few the services are detailed below)
Campaigns These are generally long-term activities that may contain most, if not all of the services listed below.Campaigns can then be linked to:
Image Campaigns
Product Campaigns
Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns



Press Conference We help to conceive and implement concepts that generate newsworthy events for a maximum of exposure in the media and with important guests.
Concept & Production
Logistics / Implementation
Media Relations
We manage all kinds of events: openings and special events, conferences, product launches, open gates etc.
We handle everything from conceiving the event to planning/structuring it. Our key value added for our clients is our unparalleled access to media and VIP guests.
Media Placement
Concept & Production
Distribution / Placement
This is publicity for punctual activities or campaigns gained through newspaper articles, TV news stories, web news, letters to the editor, op-ed pieces, and other methods on TV and the Internet.
Concept & Production
Distribution / Placement
This is exposure gained through advertising or other publicity methods.
Events & Campaigns
This refers to the development of full strategies (concept, logistics, etc) related to PR activities and campaigns.
Company Presentations Drafting written company materials, including crafting concepts, copywriting and production of materials.
Media Training Training on how to interact with media and handle public appearances so as to maximize media opportunities.
New Media Solutions Solutions in area of online communication and other type of new media.
Media Mapping Production of client-specific mapping of relevant media. This can also be specific for various areas of the consultants.