Public Affairs

Government Relations

Maintaining high standards of networking, relationships, access and recognition with the government and other institutions that influence the government.

Institutional Relations Developing contacts in leading state institutions, agencies or political parties.  
Political Positioning Maintaining neutral, yet close, rapports with all key political parties.  
International Networking
(EU, UN, NATO, IFCs, diplomatic corp)
Developing contacts and relations with representatives of key institutions with impact on local government.  


Corporate Affairs

Provide strategic support in building the company’s reputation across all high-level stakeholders groups.

Corporate Social Responsibility —  
Help maximize return on investment for efforts in this domain, by providing strategic direction, as well as ensuring recognition of these efforts. We offer specialized CSR strategy services via SMA Reputation Management.
Internal Coordination Developing synergies between various departments (CEO, legal, marketing, regulatory) to craft a unitary strategy and approach to communication regarding business objectives.
Special Events Coordinate organization of special events to position clients effectively and generate visibility among key decision makers.
Training of In-House Resources Work with in-house resources (individual staff, entire departments and top management) to teach the essentials of relationships management, networking and communications.
Internal Audit/Assessment Perform audits of clients’ internal capacities with regards to lobbying, government relations, corporate affairs and strategic communications.
Public-Private Partnership Positioning our clients as strategic partners for projects and for dialogue with public institutions.
Dedicated Corporate Affairs Specialists Able to assign dedicated corporate affairs specialists to client’s headquarters on a project basis or for long-term collaborations.


Strategic Communication

Sending the right message, through the right media, to the right audience at the right time and with the right effect.

Crisis Management Working with clients to anticipating and respond to unforeseen governmental, regulatory, legal or media events.   We offer full Crisis Pre-planning services via SMA Reputation. 
Integrated Communication Strategies Working with clients to anticipating and respond to unforeseen governmental, regulatory, legal or media events. We offer full Crisis Pre-planning services via SMA Reputation. 
High-Level Special Communication We handle special projects that require accessing key decision makers in the media, political, institutional and business arenas.  
Business Assoc. & Coalition Building Thanks to a wide range of connections and marketplace knowledge, SMA is able to create mutually beneficial collaborations with a variety of different organizations.
CEO Strategic Counseling The CEO is often the public face of an organization. We act as strategic communication advisors to CEOs by providing information, relationships, opportunities and recommendations in the areas of politics, business, and media. 



Our philosophy dictates a process-driven approach to advocacy on our clients’ behalf:

Phase I
  We take the time to get to know our clients and understand their business, their approach, as well as the challenges and issues they face. Our services are tailored to suit the circumstances that are unique to our clients, rather than fitting the client’s situation within a rigid framework.
Phase II
Beyond simply reading newspapers, following legislative debates or staying current with the published sources that policy makers read for information on issues, SMA proactively monitors issues through ongoing contact and information exchange with the officials, politicians, political advisors, mass media and other decision makers – as well as interest groups – who are relevant to a client’s business interests. SMA helps clients understand events in the appropriate political and policy contexts so that clear business objectives can be defined.
Phase III
SMA consultants draw upon our deep experience, judgment and industry knowledge to provide coordinated strategic planning and advice at all stages of a client’s business cycle.
Phase IV
Looby & Advocacy
SMA is positioned to communicate client issues, opinions and requests in a timely and effective manner to key decision makers. The objective, at all times, is to enable clients to be well positioned to influence emerging issues, change priorities and new policies – long before problems arise, as well as during time of crisis.