Online Communication


We engage stakeholders through integrated campaigns, bloggers and media relations, communities outreach, grassroots mobilization and new media tactics to support and significantly extend the reach and impact of advocated causes.

The internet is changing the way that people and groups organize and express their opinions.  Based on our unmatched experience in Public Affairs, close relationships with leaders of various communities (politics, media, civil society, business) and knowledge of online tactics, we have the knowhow to take your advocacy objectives to the masses.

Interactive PR

We build the online communication strategy aligned to your business objectives, utilizing every online element to spread your message while building relationships.

Interactive PR implies a two-way communication, between an organization and its publics and allows your organization to interact directly with the on-line media, customers and business prospects.

From bloggers and media relations to web copyright, online press releases, media monitoring and placement, pay-per-click (PPC) media (AdWords, Social Network ads) and consultancy we use the power of web to go beyond traditional media.

Online Campaigns

A recent shift in customer behavior changed marketing: it went from a linear process controlled by a sales person to a dynamic process controlled by customer.

Customers want to research and purchase products and services conveniently while being in control of what information they receive and how. Consequently, the internet has become an essential medium for marketing campaigns, allowing companies to adapt their strategies to a more one to one personalized experience using cross channels engagement.

Online marketing campaigns are the most cost effective strategies to increase qualified leads generations, conversions and sales. Companies use this medium to reach a wider audience for a small fraction of traditional advertising budgets while measuring and tracking in real time all actions.

Online Reputation Management

Your online brand reputation is largely perceived based on an Internet Search. As the Internet is the number one source of information for both media and consumers, you want to be sure first search results are positive for your brand.

With Online Reputation Management (ORM) we monitor, address or mitigate search engine results and mentions in online media and Web sphere content.

ORM will prevent and repair online reputation threats but also raise your reputation by bringing to surface positive and relevant information about your brand.

Social Media

In a world where consumers trust other user’s opinions over advertising it is important to maintain a close relationship and good communication with stakeholders of online communities.

People have opinions, ideas and needs that are easily shared online via social networks.  Whether we choose to engage or not, the ongoing real-time dialogue of 7.8 mil Romanian Internet users will continue.

We help you become a part of this conversation and use it to your advantage in order to gain or raise: brand awareness, site traffic, community engagement, conversions, feedback and sales.

For a list of included services please refer to our dedicated SMA Online website.