Business Information


This section comprises all the periodical products and analyses drafted by the SMA Business Information team, covering the political, economic and social aspect of a given topic.

Political Analysis SMA has a team of experienced political consultants, trained and experienced in identifying the causes and possible evolutions of the main political issues.
Socio-Economic Analysis These reports digest the political impact on general economical areas. As opposed to the Political Analysis, here accent is put on the understanding the impact of general political dynamics on social or economic issues.


Media Monitoring

Monitoring is the capacity to prepare for and react to external evolutions in the market, to prevent image and communication crisis situations, is based on timely information. That is why we can:

Gather the Information Basic information selection is based both on the products of several monitoring and news agencies and as part of our proprietary in-house monitoring system. Thus, we are reducing to a minimum the risk posed by mass-available monitoring products which may overlook crucial information or contain irrelevant data.
Structure the Information Our monitoring products are structured in a way that makes for faster and more meaningful assimilation.
Present the Information The SMA Business Information monitoring products are available in both Romanian and English versions, thus eliminating bottlenecks such as the need for translation services.
On-Demand Products We can offer both periodic and on-demand products, either as an industry/market watch or monitoring of a punctual event/issue.



Solid research informs the most accurate evaluation of future trends. Our process involves:

Data Analysis Business Info consists of on experienced team of researchers, skilled and trained to look in our news data bases and in external sources in search of information.
Information Processing Our goal is to distill a large volume of information to its relevant aspects, as dictated by the needs of the Client.
Drawing Conclusions The last step of the research process, it places the present in the context of the past, while mapping main coordinates of future trends.



Analysis is a vital part of our services’ portfolio. It represents our capacity to provide on request a “professional, equidistant and objective” understanding of the external environment, of the political, social and economic evolutions which may impact general businesses or specific markets.

Putting Things in Context Starting with the information gathered in our monitoring and research activities, we can extrapolate a detailed picture of the context surrounding the issue at hand.
Mapping the Future Drawing upon the expertise of our team, we can formulate valuable predictions on the evolution of politics, the economy and society and potential implications on the business environment, as well as dedicated analyses on the latest trends in the market and specific sectors.