Public Affairs | The right relationship

Government Relations and Lobbying perform three functions essential to the proper functioning of government and democracy:
Providing means for the resolution of conflicts, essential to the perpetuation of a democratic and mutually tolerant society.
Funneling important information, analysis, and opinion to government leaders to facilitate informed and balanced decision making.
Creating a system of checks and balances, comparable to that within our government, by which competition among interest groups keeps any one of them from attaining permanent power.

| Charles S. Mack, “Democratic Function of Government Relations and Lobbying”

The existence of a transparent system, which allows for the free exchange of information and ideas, benefits both the government and the business community. SMA has been at the forefront of promoting a transparent system of representation for legitimate business interests in Romania.

SMA Public Affairs is built on the idea that we are an “information bridge” between the business community and the government. Organizations understandably want to have a voice in decisions that may affect them, those around them, and their environment. Government in turn needs access to the knowledge and views that the business community can bring. We help make the dialogue happen.

Public Relations | The right message

The public is the only critic whose opinion is worth anything at all.

| Mark Twain

Good PR is much more than just coming up with a one-shot story. Rather it’s about having a proper PR plan, doing targeted PR outreach, and having good press relations. This is what can make or break a company’s image in the long run. With an effective public relations program, you can actually communicate with your target market more often without increasing advertising budgets.

Key to PR success is having a strong understanding of the client’s marketing message and thinking creatively in terms of PR campaigns. Each client requires unique solutions and creativity for their communication needs.

We use a process-driven approach designed to assure that our efforts are always in line with clients’ needs.
The process begins with a clear definition of our objectives and the certainty that they correspond with our client’s marketing objectives. Only afterwards, we focus on the actual planning of the communication strategy, as well as campaign budgets.

Finally, we believe in constant evaluation of our efforts in order to assure that they concur with the client’s needs/objectives.

Reputation Management | The right attitude

It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that you’ll do things differently.

| Warren Buffett

In a world of increasing complexity – increased speed of communications, the rise of social media and of the importance of stakeholder relationships, decision makers are faced with a growing number of challenges in building and maintaining their reputation. A good reputation-management approach requires both long and short-term strategies in order to prepare companies for sustainability as well as for everyday developments which mark the path to sustainability.

Scope: The following are some of the typical services offered under a Reputation Management umbrella. We can work on either integrated strategies or on a project basis.

Business Information | The right intelligence

The greatest crisis facing modern civilization is going to be how to transform information into structured knowledge.

| Carlos Fuentes Macias

In a constantly changing environment, companies must place knowledge at the core of the decision-making process. Whether we are talking about specific market conditions, overall political evolutions, macroeconomic indicators or corporate image and its competition as reflected in mass media, understanding coordinates is our priority, as part of SMA’s Business Information services.

SMA Business Information is a knowledge generator – knowledge based not only on information gathering, but also on analysis and interpretation; knowledge capable of extracting the relevant information drawn from the past, understanding the context of the present and issuing an accurate prediction of future dynamics.

Strategic Online Communication | The right channel

The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom. 

| Jon Stewart

As the internet changes the way we communicate, the classic “offline” approach is no longer sufficient unless adapted to the new technologies.

The rules of communication haven’t changed; we already know how to create and broadcast a message, how to develop and maintain close relationships with media and stakeholders and how to create communication strategies to serve your business objectives.

We decided to use our mix of communication and technical skills to help brands take advantage of the opportunities which the online environment provides. So, we adjusted our expertise to the new tools and channels and went online!