SMA Public Relations


In a market that is still developing, Public Relations is synonymous with many different types of services. What do you mean when you talk about practicing PR?

We practice Public Relations in the real sense, in that we constantly identify opportunities to communicate newsworthy information and generate positive buzz for the client or his products. What we do is traditionally called PR, but as compared to others we do not pay for exposure, a practice which we consider to compromise the legitimacy of the communication effort.

How does SMA PR benefit from your affiliation with SMA Public Affairs?

SMA PR actually grew out of the activities of SMA Public Affairs. Modern business challenges require communication across many targets and using different communication techniques. The ability to combine Public Affairs and Public Relations ensures that there are no barriers or limits to the communication solutions or the synergies we deliver to our clients.

Where does SMA PR have a competitive advantage over other PR companies on the market?

SMA has two major competitive advantages over other PR companies on the market. First is that we invest heavily in media relations. This ensures credibility, access, and participation at events. We take great pride and dedicate a lot of attention to this because our professional reputation in the media not only represents our company but also our clients. The second is that we possess the kind of high-level strategic competency that comes with years of working at the top of the corporate and media range. We know how to design complex communication strategies across multiple corporate which can make a real impact on the company’s reputation, brand and products.

PR budgets are usually small in comparison with other publicity activities and they tend to get even smaller in the financial crisis context. How do you manage this?

PR budgets are actually growing in most places and will continue to grow as the tangible advantages of PR become more evident. Perception is what drives human behavior and consumption and PR is the main tool for modifying perception. This applies from the strength of the brand all the way to direct sales.

What do you mean by a “news-centric” approach to PR?

Every client has a story behind it. All they need is a touch of creativity and some discipline to tell that story. This is where we come in. We are their voice and their pen, we pitch our clients’ ideas to the media and we are good at it, whether it is on TV, the Internet and other social media, even in the public arena. SMA PR does not handle media buying for its PR clients; rather we earn them that media.