SMA Business Information


What is Business Information?

SMA Business Information is the process of implementing the system of integrated monitoring, research and analysis for a client.

Can a client choose to purchase only punctual services instead of the standard package?

SMA Business Information services are available on demand with full customization for each Client. Our services will suit your requirements and expectations. Based on our client history, we encourage Clients to purchase the global Business Information package due to a large degree of interdependence between Business Information products and services.

What is the applicability of Business Information products and services?

Companies operate in a dynamic environment, determined by an ever-changing legislation, with political factors in a perpetual motion and positions that vary with circumstances and priorities. In an environment where public information about the company is the key to understanding its communication efforts and useful in generating a rapid response to unforeseen challenges, we offer a corporate manual (made up of Business Information products and services) that is indispensable for communication and public affair specialists, as well as top management members in any company.

What is the Business Information team?

The team operates on two separate levels of competence made up of consultants and analysts. Both sides of the team are characterized by a high level of expertise in their respective fields, an experience that proves valuable in drawing up quality products on a short deadline.

Why choose our Business Info products and not those of a specialized monitoring agency?

The monitoring reports that result from our Business Info activity are based on “in house” customizable products, similar to those offered by specialized companies. Our products also come with an extensive selection and quality control system that pays strict attention to detail.

What is your most prized Business Information product/service?

Issue Monitoring is the crown jewel of our Business Info package. It is an original product in the market as it offers much more than a mere legislative monitoring report. It is a dynamic database of constantly changing public policies on issues of interest for our clients. We follow these issues from the early stages of public statement of intention or press rumor, until its final stage of implementation as legislative rule. It is a vital product for any large company, offering advance warning on possible changes in public policy, thus giving the company time to react or adapt to the new policy.