SMA Online Communication


Why does online matter?

The Internet is an integrated part of our culture, a routine element of the landscape and the number one source of information. Information that once put online remains there forever and becomes in many cases a public record.

There are now over 2 billion internet users (and growing) accessing this information. As a result the presence in the online landscape is not an option but a must.

Why should I work with you and not a digital agency?

The Internet changes the way we communicate. It is now as easy to create content as it is o consume it. And that is the important part of what is happening.

The basic rules of communication haven’t changed, but targeted communication became more important in the marketing mix and the classic “offline” approach is no longer sufficient, unless adapted to the new technologies.

Nowadays PR is not about clipbooks but about reaching and interacting with your customers while measuring the impact of each communication action.

How does SMA PR benefit from your affiliation with SMA Online?

As a part of Serban & Musneci Associates (SMA), we benefit from the expertise and experience of one of the most reputable Corporate Communication and Reputation Management companies in Romania.

How can SMA Online solutions help my business?

We use our mix of communication and technical skills to help brands take advantage of the opportunities which the online environment provides. By integrating online communication in the business strategy we are able to:
Qualify leads, convert and sell!
Efficiently reach and engage those talking about, and more importantly, with you.
Interact directly with online media, your customers and prospects.
Support and significantly extend the reach and impact of advocated causes.
Manage your online reputation.
Significantly reduce costs associated with traditional offline media.