The beginning

Serban & Musneci Associates (SMA) began in 2003, when Alex and Gemi Serban, two Romanian-born brothers who were raised and educated in the United States, founded their own consultancy. Known as Leaders Consulting International, the enterprise sought to become the top public affairs firm in Romania – and ultimately give back to Romania. In the following years, the company steadily developed its range of high-end corporate services while continuing to grow its portfolio of clients to include top multinationals in the areas of pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, FMCG, construction and energy.

A defining moment

Leaders Consulting International became SMA with the arrival of Roberto Musneci as new senior partner in March 2007. This was the moment when all our various capabilities came together, synergistically, to offer a complete, integrated communications package. Together, Alex Serban and Roberto Musneci form a powerhouse tandem, with deep expertise and access across all levels of politics, public institutions, mass media, civil society and the business community. Shortly, the company further grew its services and activity in such areas as public relation, reputation management, strategic research and analysis. We also grew in size, as we now number 20 full-time professionals, with many additional specialist resources available, depending on the project.


Today, SMA is comprised of five individual and interconnected business units (Public Affairs; Public Relations; Reputation Management; Business Information; Integrated Online Communication) which work closely together to provide a unique, integrated approach to corporate positioning and reputation management.